Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Teenage Turkeys Teeing Off

When I was in my hometown in  central Florida in Polk County last week riding with my sister and her husband, we passed some turkeys feeding alongside the road. It was at a golf course. It was raining at the time so we did not stop. Later, we looked for them, but they were gone.

Yesterday, my sister sent me the following photos. She said while she took pictures, her husband counted 12 young and 6 adults. I am not sure at what point, poults are no longer poults. These young ones still have a fluffy look to them but some are almost as big as the adults.




Thanks, Alice and Tom, for the pictures!

There is just something so cool about seeing turkeys. I don't remember seeing them as a child. Perhaps I just did not go where they were. We see them frequently now but it is never a mundane experience. I also don't remember seeing sandhill cranes and now central Florida has them all over the place.

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Daniel said...

There's got to be a joke in there about Tom's turkeys ;)