Monday, July 21, 2008

Silent Witness


This large moth was on a hurricane shutter that "graces" one of my elementary school windows. I believe from its wrinkled appearance that it is newly hatched from its cocoon. It was there when I arrived this morning and in the same spot when I left later and took this picture. I have to wonder if it was there when the two teenagers broke into my classroom (and other places) after midnight. They were caught and arrested on campus in the wee hours. They admitted to breaking into the school a couple of weeks ago and taking some items then. While my office had only some disorder--things removed from a cabinet, I only noticed missing  a hammer and a large container of sanitizer, that they may have been planning to use to start a fire. It was with them when they were apprehended. I don't know the fate of the hammer and if the moth knows, it wasn't talking. But after all, it's a moth-- not a stool pigeon, I guess.


David said...

So with the hand sanitizer the crooks still managed a "clean get-away" or where they caught "clean handed?" or maybe they were just hoping for a "clean break from the judge".

S N B said...

I love it!