Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guard Frogs

Some people have dogs; we have frogs. We have a small goldfish pond by our front door. It has attracted snakes, crayfish, raccoons, and dragonflies--but regularly, there are frogs.

This week, we looked out the window and saw this Southern Leopard Frog mounted on a large ceramic frog that was recently given to us. This picture is through the double paned glass, so it is not as sharp as I would like.


The colors and shades of leopard frogs vary considerably. The gold stripe that passes through the eye is characteristic of this kind of frog. Another clue is the yellow spot in the middle of its ear. Interestingly, the upper part of the iris of the eye matches the gold color stripe.


This evening there was a Southern Leopard Frog there on a mossy rock. I don't really think it is the same one. I got a little closer this time before it jumped into the pond.


At any rate, we will take our frogs over dogs any day!


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