Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yellowstone Geysers

This was our first look as we approached some geysers at Yellowstone. A couple of weeks later, the road we drove was closed because it was melting from the heat of a new geyser.

Here is the picture from the news.

A boardwalk keeps visitors safe around the boiling pools. As we walked out to see this geyser, it started to snow. You can just barely see it in the picture but it really came down and was such a surprise for us.

There are many, many geysers to visit. Because of time, we visited only a few locations, though each place had several geysers. 

When we went to see Old Faithful, it snowed like crazy. Someone said, "You should come back in the summertime!" I said, "Silly me! I thought June 18th was summer!" 
I took a little video of the snow coming down and we have a couple of pictures of us in front of Old Faithful, but nothing to post here. Sorry.

This one was flowing out of a hillside beside the road.

This is all steam, not fog.

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