Friday, August 29, 2014

Driving Up to Mirror Lake

We had heard  Mirror Lake was well worth the drive up into Uinta Mountains from our campsite. The added benefit of an altitude climb on a scorching day at our camp was all it took to convince us we should "take a little wander." We drove maybe sixty miles round trip.

We don't see many of these signs in our neck of the Florida woods.

 We found this curious: a run of water out of the hill. It was lined in concrete.

We stopped at a 1-table picnic park just to explore. It looked like a really good place for a bear or a moose. We had it entirely to ourselves and saw neither, but it was worth the stop as it was so scenic.

Our picnic spot was higher up on a rock by the Provo River.

I cannot remember a more pleasant place to picnic. Again, we had it completely to ourselves.

Bright, lime-green lichens grew on some of the boulders.

I rinsed our plastic plates in the rushing river.

I collected a small rock or two for our grandson who likes to put them in trucks and trains and pockets.

There was a small stream that spilled noisily down the hillside and joined the river.

 As the road climbed higher up, the river was in a deep canyon.

We walked down to the lovely and more popular Provo River Falls just off the highway.

Before we arrived at the lake, we went over Bald Mountain Pass, elevation 10,715 ft. It is the highest point on that highway and the highest paved road in Utah. All of Mirror Lake Road is closed in the winter, due to heavy snow.

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