Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Camping at Bear Lake

Idaho and Utah share a large body of water, known as Bear Lake. It is a beautiful pale turquoise color because of the limestone suspended in the water. These photos do not do it justice.

It is said to be over 250,000 years old and encompasses about 109 square miles. It is at an elevation of about 6,000 feet. At its deepest point, it is 208 feet down. 

Though the water was beautiful from a distance, the "beach" was very weedy and muddy.

This red-orange plane was lovely against the blue, blue sky. Perhaps it was searching for the legendary Bear Lake Monster that has a history of terrorizing visitors.

Though you might assume this was white sand on the "beach," but it was actually cottonwood fluff. 

The "beach" was lined with large cottonwood trees that were covered in their seed fluff and the slightest breeze sent it flying. Every foot print served as a trough for it to collect in.

It was late, late--10  or so when the sun finally went down. It had remained quite hot. We had left the fly off the top to allow the heat to escape. That also made it quite light inside. By morning, though, we were COLD. That was the only night we left the fly off. We moved on in the morning, having come up with a new camping park.

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