Sunday, August 17, 2014

Snaking Along the Snake River

We drove along the lovely Snake River between Wyoming and into Idaho. The highway follows the high bluffs. We were pretty tired at this point and there are no pictures to document how nice that area is. We passed a High Adventure Boy Scout Camp and saw boys on a ropes course.

We had a lovely room on the river in Idaho Falls for about half the price of the dumpy one in West Yellowstone the previous night. We had a great dinner and took our time the next morning while doing our laundry in the hotel. We had another cup of coffee on the patio overlooking the river.

With the weather having adjusted our plans, we went looking for where we could camp. We went to a federal land office and, though they were very nice, we did not get a lot of help with our plan. We finally settled on going to Bear Lake, which of course, was quite a ways from where we were.

Along the way, we stopped at an overlook. We were amused by this sign.

We went through a small town that had this old stile over the fence. My mother told of having to cross one of these as she walked to school each day as a young girl in Kentucky.

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