Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We drove through the small town of Cairo, Georgia on Sunday and were impressed with the flags that lined the main street. Each flag had a cross with the hand-lettered name of a serviceman who had died while in the military. What a meaningful way to honor their sacrifice.




There were way too many for one small community.

While many of my extended family served in the military and most of them were in wars and some were wounded, I do not know the names of any who actually died while serving. We have been extremely blessed. During WWII, it was the custom in my mother’s home town in Kentucky to put a star in the window for each serviceman in the family. My mother’s home had five stars in the window. They all came home, and also the man who would become my father. B served in Vietnam and came home safe; I am thankful that we did not even meet until after his return.

Each day on my way to school, I pass the house of a young man who was killed in Iraq a couple of years ago. Most days, I say a prayer for his family to find some peace and relief from the pain.  I can only imagine losing someone I love that way.

Thank you, American families.


Jan n Jer said...

How patriotic...what a nice way to remember our fallen vets. I also come from a military family, my dad served in WWII and my brothers and BIL served in the U.S.A. Army. All came home safe n sound. Thanks for sharing and Happy Memorial Day to you n yours!

Sayre said...

I love how small towns go all out in a big way to celebrate and remember the people who served. I think they are in closer touch with themselves as Americans than people who are caught up in living their own version of the American dream in a big, anonymous place.

Faye said...

This is a very moving, personal remembrance of local heroes. In my neighborhood in Louisville, KY I see a house that will have a sign spray painted on a bed sheet and hung from the gutters: "Welcome Home Michael" once or twice a year. There are flags in the yard so I'm thinking Michael is KY Guards maybe? In this same neighborhood I've seen stars in the wondows too.

Sandy said...

What a very lovely tradition. You are right, though, about the number from small towns who serve. I am from one of those small towns. May God bless the families of all of the fallen heroes.

The Church Lady said...

What a very touching post. Just seeing all those flags touches my heart. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a good rest of the week!