Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bear Sign

Along the pitcher plant road in Liberty County, we came to this sign.

Now, I am ALWAYS looking for bears when we are out in likely places. I have only seen one in the wild in Florida, and it was in our Leon County. I may have seen another one, but I will never be sure. It was getting dark and raining, but it moved like a bear and was the size of a smallish black bear.  Twice we have seen bear tracks. Once we saw where one had been feeding, trashing the saw palmetto. Recently, we saw what was probably bear scat.


It did not take much encouragement for B to turn down the road to Wright Lake, in hopes of seeing a bear.


While the only sign of a bear we saw was on the sign above, we did see other wildlife.

Some of the campers at Wright Lake looked to be on the wild side.

And on the way down the side road to Hickory Landing, a large, dark bobcat crossed in front of us. We found its tracks in the sandy road but it was much too fast for a picture. Still, seeing a bobcat is pretty exciting.

ALMOST as cool as seeing a bear.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a new bear sign no target practice bullet holes yet.