Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Birthday Girl

I have a friend whose birthday is April 1st. She is the April Fool. My birthday is May 1st and so I call myself the May Fool. I was born on a Saturday and, this year, my birthday was on a Saturday.

Under the direction of my room parent, I was treated to a special day on Friday to observe my birthday. She brought in my breakfast from Atlanta Bread Company. That yogurt parfait was a hit---and I am not usually much of a yogurt person.


She had bought and installed a new border around our little school garden outside our classroom.  She put up a little birthday flag and hung a pot of impatiens. It really transformed the garden.


Later there was a party just before the kids went home.

Have you ever seen such a fancy cupcake?

This is one of those from Costco that is HUGE ---and tasty. I had never seen a gummy butterfly; it actually tasted pretty good, too.


Surprises continued as our sons and daughter-in-law came in Saturday. They came with:

Awesome wellingtons,


(I will be “stylin” at car pick-up on those rainy mornings!)



And a headlamp---now, we all have them.


B had gotten me a beautiful native azalea, as well as some other nice gifts:


(Love that little golden streak!)

What wonderful treats! What wonderful people! The birthday girl is blessed, indeed.


Island Rider said...

Happy Late Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Love the boots.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Stan said...

I wish we lived closer, SNB could have some of our place to garden on.

I grow great weeds.