Friday, May 28, 2010

Dwarf Cypress Swamp

In the state forest known as Tate’s Hell, we visited a dwarf cypress swamp. These are old pond cypress trees that have grown extremely slowly. It is thought that they were slightly misplaced in that they stayed too wet for too long, thus stunting their growth. They are at least 150 years old but top out at only 15 feet. A well-constructed boardwalk leads to a viewing stand, that thankfully was covered, since it had begun to gently rain when we were there.





Mixed in were these smallish trees with this lovely coloring. If they are Pop Ash (Fraxinus caroliniana) as we think, the reddish parts are samara. They contain the seed. The tree is in the olive family but these sure don’t look much like the olives that are eaten.

Pop ash?

Interesting how some are much more pointy on the tips.

pop ash?

I find water lilies so attractive. This was looking down from the boardwalk.


If you have ever examined a lily pad, you will know how much life is seeking shelter and sustenance under it.


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Anonymous said...

I love water lilies, but the dwarf trees are the best.