Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Final Few Shots of the Mountain Trip

These are just a few unrelated shots that have interest to me:

A large bellwort growing in the woods at Foxfire, that stumped even the local “experts” to identify it.  B found it in a book.


We saw violets in four different color combinations at Foxfire. This one was new to me.


Phlox spilling over the walkway on top of Blackrock Mountain.


I call this one “Still Life at Blackrock.”


This unknown (bare) vine has been growing around this sturdy shepherd’s pole for some time.


I love the face and wings on this barn.


This scarecrow was outside a former general store that has become a restaurant. Read the tag to know why I was interested in it.



In case you are new here, I teach kindergarten, too.

Art furniture gets my attention, whether or not I would want to own it. This swing had a checkerboard painted on the seat.


This left-handed writing chair had snakes coming out of the back. Most readers know that last year was the the year of the snake at our house. (We have now seen two already this spring.) And what about that psychedelic grain painting?? Grain and blue!


These pictures are reminders of one great trip!

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