Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well, Shoot!

This afternoon, we were invited to go with friends to a private range for a little target practice and skeet shooting.

We went first to the skeet range. They brought their own skeet thrower. I was more than a little intimidated by a spring that could obviously break your arm. I have shot skeet only once before. It’s fun! B hardly missed ---and I shot better than I expected.



From there we headed to the rifle range. I have learned my limit on what is still fun and what is just too much for me. Those are good things to know about yourself.


So my favorite is a .22 pistol. It is not too heavy for me. It doesn’t kick so that I worry it may fly out of my hands.  My target of choice today was a squirrel. We have WAY too many in our neighborhood, so it was an appropriate choice---not that I have ever shot at a squirrel.


The funny thing was, I did not even see the cross-hairs on the head until I went to look at the “damage” I had done. I think this was from 25 yards. Then some rat shot was loaded in and I was put up about 10-12 feet from the target. See all the teeny holes now? And hey, this time, I was aiming more for the head!

And don’t I have just the loveliest gunpowder thumb?


OK. This is fun!

One more thing I learned today. People do carry handguns in their underwear. Well, sort of. You can now buy an undershirt that is a holster. They are made for both left- and right-handed people.


With a regular white T-shirt over it, it is invisible.

100_6653 100_6654

A button-down shirt makes it even more accessible.

Now, that’s a concealed carry.

I’m thinking even if I had a permit and the undershirt, that big ole .22 I was shooting would probably be pretty noticeable on me!

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