Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trip To Dillard

We were pleased to accept an invitation to join our friends on a trip to Dillard in north Georgia for a three day weekend.

Our families have been going to the Dillard House to eat for years, but mostly separately. Our friends have stayed on Dillard properties, but this was our first time.


They had reserved an old farm house that now belongs to the Dillard family. It was a place with charm and we enjoyed our stay there.


First we got to know the neighbors.


This one was a real sweetie.


This one was untrustworthy and looked and acted as though he might bite.


A little gossiping at the fence.


The trees there were in various stages of early spring. This very large oak was just in buds. Robins were nesting.

In the lower part of this picture was the site of the neighbor’s barnyard and garden.


The domestic turkeys, roosters, geese and dogs were the source of real, live farm sound effects. Roosters get up really early (about 4)and don’t stop crowing for hours. We might or we might NOT get used to this.

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Those are really good shots.