Monday, April 13, 2009

Mexican Easter Cookies

I have made a tradition of baking sugar cookies for holidays. I have different cookie cutters and our grown kids and other family members and friends are enthusiastic  eaters that make the effort of cookies from scratch (with sometimes fairly elaborate icing) entirely worth it.

So when I knew we were all going to be together for Easter, I knew I wanted to take Easter cookies. I  made the dough one night and baked another and iced the following morning.  The icing I was making is just powdered sugar and orange juice mixed to a rather thin consistency. When if came time to add the food coloring, I started with yellow solid, paste-type. I guess I might have used a little too much, for the bowl of icing looked exactly like mustard! I thought, “People won’t want to eat cookies that look like they have mustard on them.” So I divided the batch and added one drop of blue to one bowl. It turned an odd green. I added one drop of red to the other bowl and it turned bright orange! There was entirely too much sugar involved to just start over, so I just called them '”Mexican Easter Cookies” and said, “You have a choice of guacamole or queso!”


There were 30 large egg-shaped cookies and none are left.


wlh said...

I think it is a nice color combo. Something a little different.

Island Rider said...

MMMM. Those look and sound delicious. Can you post the recipes?

S N B said...

Sure, I'll post the recipe in a separate entry soon.