Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Limping Along, But Back--And Thankful

To say that it was a challenging year is an understatement. I have been somewhat in survival mode and then in recovery but perhaps things are settling down. Here is one of the less than wonderful things that happened recently.

On Mother's Day, I was dancing with my three-year-old grandson and did a little hop and blew out my knee. It had been aggravated and aggravating for a while, but I had thought it was just one more joint pain and took another Advil. This injury was excruciating and called for a trip to emergency care. Here is my stylish immobilizer.

Breakfast in bed is kinda nice, though.

I was told not to put any weight on it until the MRI showed more conclusive results to determine a plan for care. That took eleven days! To shorten the story, I ended up going back to work in a wheelchair, with a walker for getting around inside.

This might not be such a big deal if you work in an  office, but I teach kindergarten and had the most challenging group I have ever had this year. So it was interesting. They had missed me while I was out for 4 days and fought over who could push the wheelchair. I let them decorate it the first day back and had the gaudiest transport ever.

Who knew a walker would make such a nice tent?

Not to leave you hanging, the diagnosis was torn meniscus and torn ligaments. A steroid shot was put in the joint. The immobilizer was thrown away. The shot made a huge difference for two full weeks. That allowed me to finish up the year with the kids. Unfortunately, the effects were supposed to last six months.

This month, B and I spent time in the Miami airport. This flying wheelchair is art only, but it is a cool concept for sure.

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