Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rural King Rules

Passing through Crystal River, we could not help but notice the imposing Rural King store near the mall. We were curious. We love Tractor Supply and Ace Hardware, so we thought we needed to take a break in our long Thanksgiving drive and check it out.

Oh. My. Goodness!!
The picture above shows only half of the front of the store.
It was so much fun. It had food, seed, barn goods, tools, sporting goods, clothes, furniture, plants, toys and more. It was the best selection of agricultural and construction toys we have come across. I bought two perennials for good prices and we bought a toy for a boy who loves tractors. We will stop again, I assure you.

I have to say that I had not seen a sofa in real-tree. In the right clothes, you could hide while you napped on the sofa.

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