Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Bunch of Fellas with a Feller Buncher

This is a pine farm near our garden. We have been saying for years that it sure needed some attention; that the trees had been left too close for too many years. Well, a couple of years ago, the land was sold and the new owner was of like mind with us. Recently, we came to the garden to find the tree farm busy with logging equipment. The piece below is called a feller buncher. Feller is the traditional name for a person who cuts down trees. Buncher refers to the action of cutting several trees at once.

This piece below is a grapple skidder,  used to drag the cut trees to the loading site.

This last piece is a knuckleboom loader. Gotta love the name!

We took our grandson out to see the equipment at rest. He loves all kinds of heavy equipment and has proclaimed that he wants a feller buncher for Christmas. (I know you are thinking that ALL two-year- olds say that!) They actually do exist as toys, but are not common and rather pricy.

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