Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Camping at Wasatch Mountain State Park

Our next three nights, we slept in our tent at Wasatch Mountain State Park, east of Salt Lake City. We found it to be relatively quiet and private, though it was still pretty much scrub (bushes) camping. We found it difficult to find campgrounds that have showers. Most don't even have flush toilets. We just don't generally consider showers as luxuries and optional. Wasatch even had hot showers. We selected the highest campsite and it had a view, albeit down the power line.

A lovely little stream ran off the mountainside and through the campground. Its cold, clear water served as a playground for children who rearranged the rocks each day.

The only trees in the campground grew along this stream.

The park was spread out in different locations that did not appear to be connected. The visitor center was miles from the campground but we found it a pleasant place to wait for the temperatures to drop. The campground was broiling until about 6:30 p.m. There was a small lake stocked with trout. Children were always found on the shore with rods provided by the park. There were also otters and ducks to entertain us.

On two evenings, we drove up the mountain on a skinny, winding gravel road. Here was a view.

We saw a prairie chicken. Why does it cross the road?

We saw a large deer.

And we saw the only moose of the trip. This young one was eyeing me back as it waded in the pond.

Looks like  the antlers may be growing in different directions.

Further on in the aspen glen, was this big one, sitting and chewing.

Nice ears.

Nice velvet.

That is the closest and best sightings of moose for us and I was just thrilled.

This was a marvelous road to go nature looking. 

 We saw in the real estate ads that there are homes that hang off the mountainside that sell for many millions of dollars. This one looked a little more affordable.

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