Friday, March 1, 2013

Love Those Cedar Waxwings

The fall and spring migrations bring large flocks of cedar waxwings to our area. Most anywhere there is a large berry tree, such as cedar, privet, holly or redtip, will likely attract them as they burn their calories in their long flight. They are noisy birds and not ones to be missed. Unfortunately, they are "in one end and out the other" feeders and you don't want your car under the tree when they are visiting.

On a recent Saturday morning, we had a flock in the redtips. I so admire their striking coloring. There were a great number of them, but they are very active birds, and skittish, and it is hard to get a decent shot of them.

In the photo below, you can actually see the little spot of red that gives them their name. It is thought that the red spot looks as though the wing feathers have been dipped in red wax. 

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