Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jurassic Jacksonville

The latest attraction at the Jacksonville Zoo is a dinosaur exhibit.
Here are some shots:

Contrary to what  you might be thinking, I did not photograph all of the dinosaurs.  

We have seen roaring robotic dinosaur exhibits inside museums, but this one being outside, added new realism. The problem we had with it was that it did not appear finished. At least, let's hope not. But I am afraid the industrial junk (such as oil drums, iron gates and wire) may have been planned as part of the exhibit. It just didn't work for us. It just looked junky and it distracted from the dinosaurs.

What I really liked, besides the dinosaurs, were these:

The huge, iron entry gate:

and the cool playground

and the excavating area for kids.

Even with our complaints about the exhibit,  it is all worth the trip to see!

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