Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

One day this week, when I stopped at the stop sign at the train tracks that I cross every day coming and going to and from school, I noticed that a CSX truck was driving on the rails. I have seen these before, both on the tracks and off. I remained stopped as it approached the crossing. The bells began to clang and the guard rails went down. It slowly passed through but as it did, I heard the  horn of a train. There are two tracks there and I prayed that the train was not on the same one as that slow truck. As the train came into view, it clearly WAS on the same track. I could see both the slow moving train and the slower moving truck. But then I noticed the engine pulling the train.

It was also a truck! The horn sound was identical to train engine horns.

I had never seen such a thing! But wait! ----there's more! There was another truck that appeared to be pushing the train as well. It was truly an odd sight.

There were perhaps four cars in this short train and it was apparently traveling with the lead truck.  Since, I have wondered if it is used for track repairs and the cars may carry needed materials.

I guess if you can tow airplanes with grocery-getters, you can pull/push a train with trucks!

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