Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Grottos

Up the mountain and out of the town of Aspen, we drove through glens of the trees for which the town is named. There is a purity in the green and white. I have never seen them in their golden glory in the fall. That is on the life list.

We went in search of a place called "The Grottos." 

It is a very scenic hiking area with the main attractions being a waterfall and large cracks and crevices in rocks, some of which are said to hold ice, year round.

Here is some ice we saw on a hot day in July. The photo looks more like the map of some midwestern state --maybe Iowa--since the bright light reflected off the closest ground  and is lost in the white background of this format.

Many of the crevices were wide enough to lose a child or dog in ---and quite deep.

Here is the waterfall.

Trees grow right out of the huge slabs of rock.

We were there on July 17.
There were no rangers or any other employees to be seen. There were children running around by themselves, without even another child with them, much less an adult. My comment was that they must not like those children very much.

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