Friday, June 25, 2010

Mills River Camping

The Mills River runs through the middle of the campground. It is predictably cold but not painfully so. It was mostly shallow and clear.


The first morning after we arrived, all but I hiked up this road to the ridge above the campground. It was reportably a very nice hike.


I found this teeny little salamander on this rock in the stream by our campsite.



What a cutie!

We had been told there were bears in the area and to take the necessary precautions. We saw none but there were tracks in the picnic area after a rain.



The dumpster in that same area also bore the evidence of where muddy paws had tried to open the bin.

Bear Paw Mud

When we went to the visitors’ center, the boys thought the bear in the case had about the same size paws as the tracks we saw.


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