Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camp Cooking

In North Carolina, everyone took turns helping with the food preparation.

Some foods were prepared over coals, such as chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs.


A troop specialty is to use a Dutch oven.



B produced perfect cornbread and this apple-cherry cobbler in the Dutch oven on different nights.

Cobbler! Apple-Cherry Cobbler Made in the Dutch Oven

The last night, each person prepared their own foil pack of ham, sweet potato, onion and apple. The pack sits in the coals.


The finished product can be served with maple syrup and eaten right out of the double layer of foil.


Chili and most of the other food was cooked on the Coleman stoves.


  We ate well.

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R.Powers said...

You sure did! That is one full pot of chili!

It all looks great!