Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Westville in Winter

Our plan had been to visit Westville in Lumpkin. It is a pre-civil war village created by moving in original buildings collected from the area and laid out in town blocks. Because the roads had been clear, even though it was snowing, we felt like we could go ahead with our plan. I called to make sure Westville was open was assured that they were and that they were also serving food in the only restaurant, which is where we had planned to have lunch.

The drive up  turned out to be a slow one because we did not realize that we would be climbing to a slightly higher elevation and, that up there, the roads were getting covered in snow. Though the road is fairly straight, it is quite hilly and at the bottom of most hills were bridges.


But seeing the snow was spectacular.


Westville turned out to be much larger than we expected and there was much to see. We will go back for the tours that we declined in the snow. We were the only visitors there and when we left, they closed.

This dog-trot house had been built by an Indian.



Notice the foundation.


The log house in the background of the above picture was a very interesting place.




This is where we had lunch.


Look at the picket fence:


The snow was piling up on top of each pointed board.


This is the courthouse.


A woodpecker was knocking on the building, in out of the snow.


More Westville tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

If it was like that all the time it would be a great place to live.