Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Neighbors Left the Sprinkler On

It was on all last night, but I did not see the effect until 5PM.




The late afternoon sun had warmed us from this morning's 13 degrees to a whopping 48.

The steady drip could be heard.





The neighbors said they expect to run it again tonight.

Quite a ways south of here, other sprinklers were on last night and tonight in an effort to save citrus trees by keeping their temperature from dropping below 32 degrees. My dad and brother were out turning on the systems and monitoring them to make sure they were all working properly. They are out again tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular show!
1)But why is only one tree covered in icicles?
2)Does it make sense to have the sprinkler running in my yard? I am afraid to do more harm than good.
3)I am praying for the citrus growers.

Kelly said...

My paleoclimate professor has been getting a lot of emails about how global warming is obviously not happening because there is frost in Florida.

It's really cold here right now, but supposed to be in fifties next week!

S N B said...

To advisor: I think it was just one small sprinkler and they said it got stuck and quit rotating so the water focused on one tree. As far as the risks, I can picture the weight of the ice becoming a stress on a tree but with citrus, it is a choice of letting it freeze and die or gamble on just some broken limbs. They are not trying to save the fruit, just the tree.
Thanks for the comment.

Kelly, put on the poofy jacket! We'll save you some sunshine.

R.Powers said...

My Dad used to do that for us when we were little and it was a magical winter wonderland to us.