Monday, February 2, 2009

Hiking Around Lake Piney-Z

I had never hiked all the way around Lake Piney-Z and so we did this Sunday afternoon.  It was actually more of a stroll as we made it last two hours and it really isn't all that far.  the trails are part of a larger trail system that links a couple of different parks here in town.

It was good to see the wood duck boxes. Several of these were part of our younger son's Boy Scout Eagle project. The one below has lost its predator guard.


I have photographed these cypresses in the fall from across the lake.


The lovely golden trumpets of the jessamine are blooming her and there.


I believe this is a coreopsis that was blooming right by the shoreline.


Though the trail officially is not a loop, if you walk down the train tracks or on the rocks beside it, you can make it all the way around the lake. I was anxious while we were on and by the tracks and relieved when we came to the trail again. We had been off less than three minutes when we heard the train in the distance and walked back to see it.


The highlight of the walk was watching some really large fish in an area near the shore. They were probably carp. The fin protruded a good four inches above the water. The first I saw was a nose and I thought it was an otter. But last time I checked, otters don't have fins and seem to swim just fine without them.


Daniel said...

It's good that you hiked. You otter not swim in that lake - it smells like carp!


Dani said...

Funny Daniel! :0