Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tarzan Country

Had family in this weekend and since Saturday morning was so clear and beautiful, we decided to take a little boat ride: the jungle cruise at Wakulla Springs State Park, in Wakulla County. We had a picnic and then boarded the boat.


It turned out to be a really fun experience.

We no sooner were on board when a 6 foot alligator came up really close behind us while we were still at the dock. The clear water allows for nice pictures.



If you look carefully on this one below, you can see it had a damselfly over its right eye.


It swam in really close between our boat and the next and a boat driver, smacked the boat side to scare it off and it gave a good splash as it turned about.



The boat driver finally had to herd it away from the swimming area with a boat.

Once we headed down river, there were many more alligators and lots of birds and turtles and a couple of deer to keep our eyes and cameras occupied.

Baby wood ducks and duck weed: Good camou and major cuteness.


Little blue heron:


Little blue heron still changing from its white phase:


A female anhinga drying her feathers in the sun:


A moorhen:


A yellow-bellied slider:


We saw several nests and osprey and a few snakes and lots of alligators.



I called this Tarzan Country because the original Tarzan movies were filmed here.

Wakulla is a very large spring producing millions of gallons of water. It is very popular with the locals as a chilly swimming hole. Divers were emerging from having explored the caves that connect through the Florida aquifer.


David said...

All those great photos and I'm the first to comment!? Great pictures from a fantastic trip!

Peggy said...

Love the photos! I can't get such a super perspective on gators in clear water from a kayak--really interesting! Also was nice to see the little blue heron in mid color-change. Juveniles have been conspicuous in their absence on the Wacissa.