Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day is Done

Made a little trip to Gainesville for the surgery of a family member. We are thankful it went very well and in fact was the best case scenario. While the patient slept, we explored Gainesville a little. One evening, we went out on U.S. 441 to the observation platform on Payne's Prairie. There was a rather large rabbit down in the marsh below us. He was not impressed with our presence and went about his business of foraging for soup and salad, only to go home and hear, "Honey, wipe that duck weed off your mustache."


As the sun began to set and  birds took to their roosts, I took a series of shots through the power lines.








It was a peaceful and beautiful evening with just enough breeze to keep the bugs away.  It was really good stress relief.



Tallahassee to Gainesville Scenic & Wildflower Route

We have traveled between Tallahassee and Gainesville many, many times. This is our favorite route. It is sparsely traveled and we find it easy, enjoyable driving. The driving time and mileage are at least as good as any other route. (On a map, compare this route to a straight line drawn between Tallahassee and Gainesville.)
from Perry,
east on U.S. 27 to U.S. 129
south on U.S. 129 to Florida 232
east on Florida 232 into Gainesville, 232 turns south
south on Florida 232 to Florida 26
Florida 26 is Newberry Road/University Avenue
U.S. 27: Pine Forests out of Perry, gradually changing to large agricultural fields, mostly cattle pasture. Small towns of Mayo and Branford. Cross the Suwannee River at Branford. Watch for deer just west of Branford.

U.S. 129: Runs parallel to, and just east of, the Suwannee River. Wildflowers galore, in season. Crosses Santa Fe River just before its conflux with the Suwannee. Woodland changing to farm around Bell. Time, day, & hour permitting, stop at the small library in Bell and look through their book sale bookcase.

Florida 232: Crosses wetland area. Large fields, populated rural area. After 232 doglegs just west of Gainesville and then crosses over I-75, it goes through the southern part of the San Felasco Hammock State Preserve. After this, mostly suburban residential. 232 turns south, terminates at Florida 26/Newberry Road/University Avenue.
east of the Suwannee River: between U.S. 129 and Gainesville, there are many roads to explore.

west of the Suwannee River: U.S. 27 to Florida 349 (just west of Branford), south on Florida 349 (parallel to the Suwannee River) to Old Town, then east to Gainesville.

from Tallahassee: east on the U.S. 27 to Florida 59, south on 59 to U.S. 98, then east to Perry.

S N B said...

Wow! Thanks for the alternates! We will pull out a map and figure out what you ha suggested.