Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Jarrett House and the Swinging Bridge in Dillsboro, North Carolina

We got to Dillsboro just in time for lunch. We have eaten at the Jarrett House several times through the years. The food is consistently good and the setting, charming.

This oil painting inside shows a better view than I can get with a camera, since the busy street is right in front.

The food is simple and delicious. I'm a fan of country ham. 

B's catfish was good, too.

Just up the road is a swinging bridge that our family has been visiting throughout the years. It is almost required at this point that we park and stretch our legs on a little stroll across the river. 

And of course, you have to swing and bounce it a little.

This time, a group of summer campers were paddling below.

They were rather an inexperienced bunch of youngin's and it was a little amusing to watch.

The views are nice as you quickly leave the mountains.

The further south we got, the higher the temperature rose. When we stopped for a little antiquing in mountainous Dillard, Georgia, it was 95 degrees. The fun was done. After leaving Dillard, around 2 or 3 o'clock, we ended up driving all the way home to Tallahassee that evening. Having left Tennessee and driven through the Smokey Mountain National Park, it was about a 700 mile driving day. At the end, the trip meter showed 2,540.1 miles for the nine-day Maryland trip.

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