Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

We visited the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in West Virginia and it turned out to be a highlight of our trip.

We rode a "man trip" for 1500 feet that carried about 35 people into a coal mine. During our 45 minute ride, we stopped in several places where mining had taken place and learned about the process and some of the history. This was our ride.

This shows how the cars were connected. 

This was our engine.

The dark stripe in the  bottom of the picture below shows the layer of coal.

The "train" would stop at spots and while we stayed seated, the veteran miner would explain about the daily work in a mine.

He was a wonderful presenter, keeping everyone engaged.

Ground water drips onto the floor of the mine. It was cool, but not the 57 they had advertised. We did not need the jackets we had been advised to bring.

We were shown the canary cage that indicated enough oxygen available to support the miners.

Oxygen sensors do a better job today.

We saw  old and newer methods of mining coal.

The roof of the mine is held up by support posts and huge roof bolts. 

We learned about the invention of this skateboard that was used to move about in the mine with more ease.

We learned about the traditional lunchpail and what was in each layer.

Here we are coming out of the mine.

The elevator is just for show. 

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