Saturday, September 5, 2015

Humpback Bridge

We got off the highway to investigate a covered bridge. It turns out to be a National Historic Landmark. It claims to be the oldest of Virginia's remaining covered bridges and the last remaining humpback covered bridge in the country. This is designated a humpback  bridge because the center of the bridge is four feet higher than each end. This is the fourth covered bridge to have been built on this site: the first in the 1820s and this one in 1857.

Though the walls and roofing have been replaced several times over the 150 years, the decking remains the original. It is made of locally milled white oak and hickory with hand fashioned, honey locust wooden pins holding supports together. 

Children were passing the warm, summer afternoon playing in the cool, clear water. It was an altogether charming scene, save the graffiti on the inside walls.

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