Friday, September 11, 2015

Tamarack, the Best of West Virginia

Beckley, West Virginia, was the one place where we had some trouble finding a room for the night. We spent enough time and then had to  bite the bullet and pay more than we wanted to for a place that felt clean and safe. We were pretty tired and ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel that was within sight of our room. We like Cracker Barrel, but we have one in our town, so we rarely stop in them when traveling. The upside was that we had enough left-overs to have a complete breakfast in our room the next morning, since the pricy room did not include breakfast. Naturally.

The next morning, we popped into Tamarack. It was within a quarter mile of where we slept. It looked like a colorful conference center, which it is. It is also an open gallery of items that are all made in West Virginia. The large and long hall is circular. It was really, really nicely done. There was framed art, jewelry, ceramics, food products, furniture, handmade musical instruments, clothing, blacksmith products, local books, carved wooden utensils, turned wooden bowls, stained and blown glass, quilts, and more!

I loved this whimsical display.

It must be true that they had the very best of West Virginia. 

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