Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Tropic of Cancer Beach

So here is our beach.

The pinkish dotted line shows the Tropic of Cancer. Looking carefully you will be able to see the line goes through the lower end of Great Exuma. That is where we were.

Part of the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here on this beach. The rail that can be seen on the left of the picture above was built by the film crew to assist in getting down to the beach.

We swam right out there. The water was so clear. I had taken snorkel gear and a couple of floats but it was so windy, that it was not the right condition for either activity. The high salinity was also quite noticeable. B and I wondered if that might account for the lack of shells and fish. The only animal life we saw was a large stingray, patrolling just offshore as we walked down the beach.

It was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen--and we had it to ourselves. There was a group of college age kids leaving as we arrived. There was only one other man there and he also left ahead of us.

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