Sunday, July 19, 2015

Peace and Plenty

In June we had the pleasure of a business trip to Exuma, Bahamas. Neither of us had ever needed a passport before. We have not had the desire to go on a cruise and have not felt like overseas travel was affordable; this was our first trip to the Bahamas.

The name of the inn where our group met and stayed was  Peace and Plenty. 

We had not one, but two, porches overlooking the beautiful sea. 

They got hot by noon, but provided a perfect spot for morning coffee.

As the sun rose, the color of the water deepened. 

Even the bathroom had water views.

Here is the street view.

Looking down the street, there is the beautiful water. 

Here is the dockside view.

This was our walkway to our rooms.

There is a small restaurant in the inn. We had a delicious breakfast there every morning. Here was our view for lunch. Many sailboats and a few yachts could be seen anchored in the large harbor. Exuma is not visited by the cruise lines. Boaters were coming in for lunch.

Such a beautiful place.

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