Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some Scenes from Exuma

Exuma is about 60 miles long and has many additional islands, called cays, pronounced "keys". We flew into and stayed in the village of Georgetown. The airport is comprised of two small, concrete block buildings. It is the Exuma International Airport.

I was drawn to a mural inside, made by local students that is created entirely of plastic bottle caps.

From our inn, we walked to the open straw market, where we saw women weaving strips of dry palm branches into hats, baskets and purses.  They also sold other tourist items, such as beach towels and post cards. Nothing is priced and all prices are negotiable. There were a handful of little shops. This open door led to a pedicure shop.

The shop below was an interesting combination: hair salon and fish market.

 These cars were in line to buy gas at the only gas station in the area. 

It was pricy. It is pumped for you and you are expected to tip the man. They are not open on Sunday.

Cars have the steering wheel on the right and are driven on the left side of the road--a carryover from the British occupancy. The roundabouts are the most disconcerting! Roads are not well-maintained, so the ride is rough.

 Here are a couple more views of the harbor.

 From our inn, B and I saw this container ship come into the harbor. We watched as the containers were unloaded and reloaded onto trucks, and heard them as they drove up the road by the inn.

 Across from our inn was a lovely church. On Sunday morning, we enjoyed the pleasant sound of the bells ringing from the tower.

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