Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Saw the Light!

On our way to the beach at St. Joseph's Peninsula, we stopped by the Crooked River Lighthouse in Carrabelle. It was closed at the time, but you could still use the park, including walking around the lighthouse.

On the way home on Sunday afternoon, we stopped and it was open. There is a nice little museum in the rebuilt keeper's cottage. B and I had fun climbing the 138 steps to the top of the lighthouse. The public is not permitted in the lamp room at the very top, but we walked the catwalk around the rail below it. We were the only people in the lighthouse, which was nice. The ladder is so narrow, that you probably could not meet or pass another person inside.

From the inside you can clearly see the replicated fresnel lens.

While there are no landings, there is the occasional window to look out.

The view from the top was nice.

Dog Island is on the horizon.

Our friend stands by the visitors' center, while the lighthouse casts the same long shadow that it has since 1895.

I would recommend a visit. Check the webpage or call to make sure they are open, though.

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