Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beach Birds at St. Joseph's Peninsula

I have to look when I see birds to determine if I can identify them. I like names for things. This is a bluebird. Female, I think.

This great egret had found a high look-out spot.

These bay ducks are red-breasted mergansers. We saw lots of those, but perhaps only six at a time. We also saw some loons ----and heard them! I love their call.

We heard a screech owl one night. We have lots of barred owls in our neighborhood, but I have never heard a screech owl here so that was pretty special.

This cardinal was unusual in that its back was mostly black.  I have seen color variations in cardinals before.  This one did not hang around for better pictures. 

 This great blue heron was more cooperative in the dawn's early light reflecting off the bay.

In the picture below, it has a fish that it was shaking. This picture is enhanced by a photo editor. It is a little bright, but better than the original.

Did you notice how calm the bay was? And I might mention how bad the noseeums (biting gnats) were while I was trying to take decent shots in soft light with no tripod.

Other than the bugs, it was pretty magical.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Your photos are beautiful! I think Herons have a natural ability to know where to be and when for good pictures. Hams lol We've been to St Joe a lot and those no-see-ums are intense!

S N B said...

Thanks, Momma! I have found so much pleasure in this blog!

Jodi said...

Beautiful pictures!!!
We live in MN but have always dreamed of living in FL. Coming to your blog is my little 'escape' for the day ;)