Thursday, February 7, 2013

And Another Light!

On this same weekend get-away, we also passed the lighthouse at Cape San Blas. We had tried to get to it by a road that we had used a couple of times in the past, but it was closed. The ranger at our park told us that the keeper's cottages were being moved back from the receding shoreline and that some road repairs were also underway. So on Sunday, we parked at a different place and walked. This was our first view of the lighthouse that day.

The structure  of lighthouse is very similar to the Crooked River Lighthouse.

Here you can see some of the logs that litter the beach in places. The evidence of storm surge was all about. 

The other two times that we had visited this beach, there were many large shells. There were still some, but not anything like before. The point on the end is now swept fairly clean. There was no vegetation. Trees were laid down further inland there, all in the same direction: away from the beach.

It was actually shocking to see how it had changed.

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