Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uninvited Visitors

A yellow fly had  come in the screen porch with B in the afternoon and immediately disappeared.  As dark fell, he left the porch light on to try to attract it.

And so it was that I was not in the dark on the screen porch as I usually am at night. I had just sat down  in the swing when a movement near my foot caught my eye. I called for Bob to come out with a flashlight. I already knew that what I was looking at was a red rat snake but what I was not sure of was which side of the screen it was on in the dim light.  When he arrived with better light, it was clear that the snake was on the inside.

B watched it while I went for a net and the snake was put over the fence --just for my comfort. I know that is not rational but I thought it would at least have more options to leave  and not return to the inside. After all, there isn't much for it to eat in there anyway. However, the barred owls we were hearing ---that would find it tasty--- are not in there either.

Not 24 hours before, I was laying on my back on the concrete looking at the stars. Now the very thought just brings on a Medusa vision.

We still haven't found the yellow fly.


Mikey said...

Yikes! You were laying there earlier?
It's a very pretty snake though!

Conchscooter said...

Red next to yellow harmless fellow?
Yellow next to red..something.something? Or is it black? I can never remember.

TechGator said...

He's a nice size! Love 'em, but don't want them in my house.