Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Coat of Many Colors

I drive country roads to school and back, and several days may go by when I don't go "to town." Each day, I drive past the "goat pen." I always have to look to see what is in the field. This spring, I have been treated to peacocks. One morning,  I counted six adults. I have also seen young ones whose heads barely peeped over the grass.

One afternoon this week, I saw a male peacock out by the road. By the time, I could turn the car around, it had hopped up on the fence and then inside.

A picture of that would have been a nice shot as it draped those long, long tail feathers down over the fence.  But it did not cooperate for me.

However, as I listened to another peacock in the field (that I never saw), I noticed a hen slipping around in the plants fairly near me.

Her less flashy coloring does help her hide when she is nesting.

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