Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dawes Arboretum: The Japanese Garden

It was a beautiful summer day when we visited the Dawes Arboretum, near Newark, Ohio, the former home and grounds of the founder of Pure Oil, Beman Dawes. Beman's brother, incidentally, was the vice-president of the United States under Grover Cleveland. Between the two brothers, they knew many influential people. On the walls in the visitors center, are many photographs of individuals of prominence planting a tree on the grounds. There are thousands of trees and other living plants that are cared for and cataloged.

It is a lovely place of over 1,800 acres.

We visited the Japanese garden.

There were koi in the pond.

Claude Monet had a Japanese bridge (like the one below on the right) built in his garden in Giverny in France. It is featured in many of his waterlily paintings. I use those prints with my kindergartners.

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