Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Picnic With RC in Greenville

B and I went for a long Sunday drive on roads we had never been on before. We were guided by our GPS and our DeLorme Atlas of Georgia. Our drive allowed us to wander through five counties in two states.

We stopped in Greenville in Madison County, Florida for our picnic at the little city park. In the park was a life-size, bronze statue of Ray Charles. It turns out that though Ray Charles was born in Albany, Georgia while his mother stayed with relatives, he was raised in her hometown of Greenville. Everyone there called him RC.



I think the sculpture only lacks a little button visitors could push to hear a song performed by the late great RC.

While preparing this entry, I Googled his name and came up with a little video clip on YouTube. The number read: 8,299,562. That is how many hits this one video has had. The song is “Georgia On My Mind.” Who knows--- it might have been Greenville on his mind as he sang.

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