Sunday, November 7, 2010

Great Scot! Great Egrets!!

On Halloween we hiked with friends down at the St. Marks lighthouse. The great egrets were having a “great” time congregating around a floodgate.



And there were a few stragglers.


I’m thinking this could be a “great” Rorschach test.


Tell me, do you see two birds with their reflections or do you see two slightly opened human mouths? (You may have to squint for the latter.)


A week later, there were even more egrets to be seen, but at a greater distance. They were gathered here across the pond from the picnic area.

What? You don’t see them? There were dozens of them.


OK. I’ll zoom in. Is this better?



There were a few white ibis thrown in for good measure in this group.

It’s a great year for great egrets.

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