Friday, November 12, 2010


Big bobcat! During our Sunday drive down to St. Marks the time change made it so it was getting dark when we were leaving. I am always hoping to see a bobcat or a bear. This time I spotted a spotted bobcat in the sand on the marsh. It was frustrating to be able to see it and not be able to get a decent picture in the darkening evening light.

Here it is in its tiger shape.


This one is better for the profile as the grass was not hiding it so much.


As I watched, it walked up to a post and sprayed it to mark its territory.

There was another couple behind us taking pictures. Benny and Sue Byrd were kind enough to email me some of their better ones and even gave permission for me to post them here on the blog.


BCat taken by BByrd

Bcat by BByrd

I told B I went probably 40 years of my life before I saw my first bobcat in the wild. This is the fourth sighting at St. Marks for us.

It is a thrill!

This is one I caught with my camera one evening in February of 2008.

It was near the area where we saw this one on Sunday. I have to wonder if it is the same one. It was a big cat even then.

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Paul said...

I think I went through my first 40 years before I saw a bobcat. (And I don't think I've seen another since, though I've heard a few.)