Saturday, June 26, 2010

Living in the Lap of Luxury

Mills River campground has no showers. Now we have camped before with only cold showers, but no showers? We didn’t think so. Not for a week!

So our guys rigged up this shower for our camp and it worked like a charm!

Here they are setting it up. The base is a pallet.


A huge tarp served as the privacy enclosure.


Ropes and zip-ties through the grommets held it all in place.


A rubber door mat made the flooring a little more comfortable.

The shower itself was a purchased propane set up.


We improved it by using an Igloo cooler as the reservoir.

A camp chair served to hold dry clothes.


Yes, sir! As one of our camping neighbors said, we were “living in the lap of luxury.”


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Anonymous said...

North Carolina would be nice this week. I love the shower in use shot.