Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gosh! Squash!

How many years have we tried to grow squash in our yard and got nada!? (Several.)

This year we planted four mounds in a community garden that gets full sun, and my gosh, have we got squash! This little row is all we have and it is just going nuts.



First, we picked by the plate,


Then, by the tray.


Now, I am having to freeze some, even though some folks say they are entirely too mushy when you thaw and cook them.


The morning after this was picked and blanched and frozen into  quart bags, we picked another dozen.

After abandoning the garden for a week’s camping trip, we came home to squash the size of a teenage boy’s sneaker. They were fine when I grated them after removing most of the seed and baked them in a casserole.

We are now gathering by the three-gallon bucket.

What a wonderful problem!

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Wow that is great.