Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden Progress

At the end of April, we rented a garden plot in a community garden. We started with dirt. B bought a pick-up truck load of compost and used his dad’s old tiller to till it in.

102_1153 The “kids” came home for my birthday and saw the beginnings. This was May 1st.


This was less than one month later.



And this was last week.

The corn is gone but the peas look good.


Zinnias are starting to bloom.


The okra has a few pods and the yellow squash has gone nuts.


The pole beans are running. They were planted successively to extend the production time.


And since we had to start irrigating, we grow really good nutgrass.

It has been fun to see how fast everything has grown.

Amazing what full sun will do!

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Carol said...

What a beautiful garden...