Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turn Around…. Recalculating…. Turn Around.


We took the new GPS in the car to the beach last Sunday. It was a little stressed as we approached the dead-end at the shoreline.  It kept saying: “Turn around…..recalculating….Turn around….”  The stop sign is a good idea, as the pavement has washed away during some storm or other and there is quite a drop-off.

It was a cold, windy day at the beach and the sun was weak so only a few other brave souls were out. For a time, we were the only ones there, sitting in the car drinking our tea and hot chocolate after getting chilled on our walk.




We walked out on a skinny little peninsula. On the inland side was a sort of brackish pond. All of the water had the tannins from the Ochlockonee River that comes into the bay there. The north wind was blowing it right out. The pure, white sand we were walking on on the peninsula dropped off steeply on the pond side and had been shaped by the waves and wind.


I thought the contrast and form was interesting.


When we reached the end of the peninsula, we had to take the advice the GPS had originally offered and…. turn around.

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